FAQ: A section for all your frequently asked questions

1: Do you tattoo underage with parents consent?

We do Not Tattoo anyone under the age of 18 (even with parents consent)

2: How much do you charge?

As a general Rule, The studio has a starting Price of  $180. However it is important to note that being a collective, each artist will charge differently as each artist has a unique style and therefore a unique set up and hourly cost.

3: can I get a quote for a tattoo?

After a consultation, also by filling in all the details via the website and sometimes both! your artist will give you a rough estimate on pricing. Due to the complex nature of the tattoo it is almost impossible to quote online.  some artists will have a set hourly rate- others will quote per piece.

4: do you have aftercare?

 Sure do! we currently stock Aussieinked, and a vegan alternative inktattoosalve. Both are Australian made and great products!

 5: do you use vegan inks? and can I request a vegan setup for my tattoo ?

Most artists use vegan inks- however it is very important to double check with your artist BEFORE your appointment.  You can also request a vegan setup as most products in the studio are cruelty free.





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